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Myo Pure Frozen Yogurt

(Restaurants/all dining)
840 Broadway Avenue, Suite B5 Seaside, CA, 93933
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Businesses and organizations participating in HER Helmet Thursdays help HER / Mother Earth by providing discounts on Thursdays for people who bike. A long-term project with no scheduled end-date, HER Helmet Thursdays was launched in 2009 in Monterey County, California as a public service. NOTE: When participating businesses and organizations sign up, they are provided a staff reference sheet. Many have frequent staff changes. Just in case a staff person on duty isn't familiar with this long-term project, it may be helpful to have the listing for that location pulled up on your mobile phone screen (or print a copy of their listing to take along), so you're prepared to kindly show their listing.
Before claiming discount, refer to FAQs and project details, including date restrictions, in "LISTINGS, Map, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs about HER Helmet Thursdays" at

A locally owned, community-oriented business that provides a healthy dessert alternative in a family friendly environment. Experience the fun as you dish-up-your-own MYO!

MYO uses the highest levels of beneficial live and active yogurt cultures, never powders or weird concoctions. MYO's ingredients not only taste great, they benefit your digestion and overall health.

MYO is kosher-certified and lacto-vegetarian. Also available: lactose-free/dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free options. Ask for a nutritional information card!

Community-oriented? Beyond giving friendly, personal customer service, MYO supports its local communities with fundraisers for schools, churches, teams, and charitable causes.

Please note that, as usual, the HER Helmet Thursdays discount cannot be combined with any other discount.

Check out the MYO website to learn more, then come in and discover why this super-cool Monterey County business has become so popular.

Bike Tips:

MYO, Seaside is in the City Center, which has bike racks at various locations.

MYO, Seaside is a flat, easy bike ride from the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail. While there are other routes too, touring cyclists or others coming off the coastal trail who are unfamiliar with the City Center will find the route shown here easy to follow:

Exit the coastal bike path at Best Western Beach Resort, Seaside (beachfront hotel with flags) and head past Roberts Lake to the Embassy Suites-Monterey Bay, Seaside(Embassy Suites is the multi-story hotel). Embassy is at the Canyon Del Rey Blvd/Hwy 218 and Del Monte Avenue intersection. From there:

Head north on Del Monte Avenue (as of Sept 2014, there's a Starbucks on your left). You'll soon pass Sports Center Bicycles (which will be on your right). Continue up Del Monte until you get to Broadway. Make a right on Broadway and continue just past Calaveras Street. The next right turn is a driveway into the City Center shopping center. Turn left into the first row of businesses; there's MYO, just a few doors down on your left.

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