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Corkscrew Cafe

(Restaurants/all dining)
55 West Carmel Valley Rd Carmel Valley, CA, 93924
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Alcohol excluded


Businesses and organizations participating in HER Helmet Thursdays help HER / Mother Earth by providing discounts on Thursdays for people who bike. A long-term project with no scheduled end-date, HER Helmet Thursdays was launched in 2009 in Monterey County, California as a public service. NOTE: When participating businesses and organizations sign up, they are provided a staff reference sheet. Many have frequent staff changes. Just in case a staff person on duty isn't familiar with this long-term project, it may be helpful to have the listing for that location pulled up on your mobile phone screen (or print a copy of their listing to take along), so you're prepared to kindly show their listing.
Before claiming discount, refer to FAQs and project details, including date restrictions, in "LISTINGS, Map, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs about HER Helmet Thursdays" at

Look over the website, and don't miss the organic garden from which much of your meal will come.

The Georis family is long renowned for being extraordinary restauranteurs, including outstanding meals and warm hospitality. This is sure to become one of your Carmel Valley favorites!

Bike Tips:

First, when biking on Carmel Valley Road and other well-traveled roads throughout the county, remember to make use of high-visibility apparel and accessories. Second, don't feel your only option is to bike all the way to Corkscrew Cafe or to take a motor vehicle. Consider the bike-and-ride options (see Tips for Bicycling Monterey County's bike-and-ride section). Take your bike on the MST bus, via hotel shuttle, or your own car's bike rack part-way, then cycle the remaining distance.

Option 1: Use the MST bike-and-ride option from anywhere in the county and take it to the mouth of Carmel Valley, at H'way 1 and Carmel Valley Road (get off at the Barnyard Shopping Village). Then, bike the approx 12 miles to Corkscrew Cafe.

Option 2: If biking from Carmel-by-the-Sea, take the route via Rio Road, passing Carmel Mission. When you reach Rio Road and Highway 1, cross over H'way 1, then make use of the Class I bike path to travel from Rio Road north to Carmel Valley Road. Make a right on Carmel Valley Road. Then, bike the approx 12 miles to Corkscrew Cafe.

Option 3: (This route is for the most fit cyclists, as Laureles Grade is steep.) Coming from Salinas, take Highway 68 toward Monterey / Laguna Seca. Turn left at Laureles Grade and continue for six miles. Turn left onto Carmel Valley Road and continue another approximately two miles to Corkscrew Cafe.

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