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Parker Lusseau Pastries

(Restaurants/all dining)
40 Ragsdale Drive, Suite 100 Monterey, CA, 93940
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Businesses and organizations participating in HER Helmet Thursdays help HER / Mother Earth by providing discounts on Thursdays for people who bike. A long-term project with no scheduled end-date, HER Helmet Thursdays was launched in 2009 in Monterey County, California as a public service. NOTE: When participating businesses and organizations sign up, they are provided a staff reference sheet. Many have frequent staff changes. Just in case a staff person on duty isn't familiar with this long-term project, it may be helpful to have the listing for that location pulled up on your mobile phone screen (or print a copy of their listing to take along), so you're prepared to kindly show their listing.
Before claiming discount, refer to FAQs and project details, including date restrictions, in "LISTINGS, Map, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs about HER Helmet Thursdays" at

Open Monday through Friday only.

Discount is for on-site food and beverage service only (not applicable on cake orders and other take-out/to-go).

Indoor and outdoor dining tables available. Chilly day? Warm up by the fireplace.

Besides yummy treats, coffee, and other beverages, Parker-Lusseau features soup, salad, quiche, and sandwiches too!

Like to have your coffee at a local, independent spot? It's just 1/2 mile to Parker-Lusseau from Stone Creek Village (the intersection of Highway 68 and Canyon Del Rey).

Bike Tips:

Open Monday through Friday only, this is a nice breakfast, lunch, or coffee break ride for bike commuters who work at Ryan Ranch. (Can't bike all the way to work? Bring your bike on your vehicle's bike rack and take a workday break to bike to Parker Lusseau!)

Also a good ride for visitors who want a stretch of exercise off the bike path yet on a route that you just can't get lost on!

Please note that the route is NOT recommended for young children because of the short stretch on Highway 68. (Visit Parker-Lusseau's other two locations if you have little ones along.) For adults, high-visibility apparel and accessories are recommended for Hwy 68.

Direx from the bike path at Roberts Lake and Canyon Del Rey Boulevard, Seaside (by Embassy Suites):

Take Canyon Del Rey until it reaches Highway 68.

En route, you'll pass Laguna Grande Park (on your right) and the DMV (on your left); then you'll pass Fremont Ave (there's a light there, with Walgreen's on your left and Safeway on your right).

Continue, and you'll pass the Del Rey Oaks City Hall (on your right) and the frog pond (on your left). If you want a stretch off your bike, explore this cool little park, with wooden boardwalks.

Then continue along Canyon Del Rey until you reach the light at H'way 68. You'll see Wells Fargo Bank on your right, just before Starbucks and 711.

From this intersection, you have just 1/2 mile more to bike until you are at the door of Parker-Lusseau.

Make a left at the traffic signal onto Hwy 68 (in the direction of Salinas, although you will only go a short distance on 68).

Continue on Hwy 68 until you reach Ragsdale Drive. Make a left on Ragsdale.

Make a right into the first driveway, go to the rear of the parking lot, and make a left, then continue up to Parker-Lusseau. (Alternatively, make a right into the second driveway, go to rear of lot, and make a right.)

Parker-Lusseau is at #40 Ragsdale, Suite 100.

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