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Lalla Grill

(Restaurants/all dining)
1400 Del Monte Shopping Center Monterey, CA, 93940
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(831) 324-4632





Businesses and organizations participating in HER Helmet Thursdays help HER / Mother Earth by providing discounts on Thursdays for people who bike. A long-term project with no scheduled end-date, HER Helmet Thursdays was launched in 2009 in Monterey County, California as a public service. NOTE: When participating businesses and organizations sign up, they are provided a staff reference sheet. Many have frequent staff changes. Just in case a staff person on duty isn't familiar with this long-term project, it may be helpful to have the listing for that location pulled up on your mobile phone screen (or print a copy of their listing to take along), so you're prepared to kindly show their listing.
Before claiming discount, refer to FAQs and project details, including date restrictions, in "LISTINGS, Map, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs about HER Helmet Thursdays" at

From looking at the beautiful decor, it would be easy to think that this elegant restaurant is a little pricey. Not! Check out their menu, and you'll see there are choices for every appetite and most budgets, too. And check out the organically grown, free-range, sustainable, and other notes on their menu--this is an environmentally minded and health conscious restaurant.

Healthy assortment of small plates and hearty entrees. Fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables, and herbs picked from the restaurant's garden wall. See website for details on this unique setting. Restaurant is located in the Del Monte Shopping Mall.

Bike Tips:

LALLAGrill has its own little bike rack directly behind the building.

The tips below are for those coming from the coastal bike/multi-use path, bicycling to the Del Monte Center via Don Dahvee Park. Once you reach the Del Monte Center, head toward the theatres, which are directly across from LALLAGrill.

1.You enter the bike path of Don Dahvee Park just off the intersection of Munras and El Dorado. (You'll see a Jack in the Box at that intersection, and the little wooden sign for First Presbyterian Church.)
2. At Munras and El Dorado, make a left-hand turn onto El Dorado. How best to make the left turn safely? (a) One option is to stay in the right lane and hop off your bike at the El Dorado intersection, then be a pedestrian and walk your bike through the crosswalk. (b) A second option is to make your left turn on your bicycle from the left-turn lane. Remember: "Same roads, same rules, same rights;" and that includes that people on bicycles are to indicate their intentions with hand signaling. (Also, remember that it is not safe to make a left turn on your bicycle from a right-hand lane! More safety tips here.)
3. On El Dorado, you'll see the asphalt bike path immediately on your right. It cuts through Don Dahvee Park, which has a disc golf range. (When I've biked here, I've never had to dodge a golf ball, though that is possible, as a warning sign at entrance states.)
4. If you want to go to the main Del Monte Center entrance (the second one if you'd been biking up Munras), stay on the bike path and ignore the option to bike down to the left. (You'll see a bike route sign directing you the proper way, to continue on the Don Dahvee bike path.) Pretty soon there's another option to go left; but stick right for that main entrance. Soon you'll be up on the sidewalk alongside Munras. At this point, hop off your bike, press the "walk" button, and walk your bike to the median. Then hop back on and bike on in!

5. Once you reach the Del Monte Center, head toward the theatres, which are across from LALLAgrill.

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